Bridging the Opportunity Gap™ 

Who we are Thesis is a collaborative group of skilled individuals, led and co-ordinated by a focused management team:  Angus Smith BA (Hons) FCCA Operations Director 07764 151 547 

"As an experienced Finance Director, I believe that strategic thinking goes hand in hand with operational focus, not least because strategy and structure are so closely related. I aim to establish a keen empathy with every business I work with, and to be committed to helping it grow for the mutual benefit of internal and external stakeholders." 

Carl Broadbent BSc (Hons) AISM Sales Strategist 07539 055 019 

"ABC, AIDA, SPIN, SNAP ... I've met just about every sales acronym in the book. In fact I even developed one once: SOCKS - Sales Orientation Currently Known as SOCKS. At the end of the day, it still comes down to people buying from people. Clichéd that may be but then most clichés are just little pearls of wisdom at heart. We certainly shouldn't avoid them like the plague." 

Natalie Moulden BA (Hons) DipM MCIM Marketing Lead 07753 498 964 

"Marketing - it's about clear, relevant, real world strategies that actually generate a return, not just pretty design. With so many ways to communicate a message these days, the real trick is knowing which is the right way. Marketing demystification has always been my motto: the right channel for the right audience at the right time. I suppose it's a case of three rights never make a wrong ..." 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to be World Class growth specialists, intent upon cutting through the obligatory clutter of business. 
Starting with mission statements ... 
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