Bridging the Opportunity Gap™ 

Growth Program Clients 

We work with you to grow your business. 
We begin by canvassing the views of every type of stakeholder, including your customers, to identify the real issues holding you back. 
Then, together and systematically, we fix them. 
Demonstrating the real difference between working on - as opposed to in - your business, we use powerful diagnostics to compile the right strategic plan for you. 
King amongst these is Spectral Analysis - for us there's really no better way to map competing growth strategies in terms of their impact on your primary business drivers. 
And our true passion lies in developing great sales processes – from cold to sold as we say. 
Our project delivery fees are payable via profit sharing, calculated as a percentage of the extra profit we help generate. So there really is no downside. 
... Well, apart from ... 

What’s the catch? 

We can't do this for everyone. 
Moving away from fixed or time-based charging introduces risk; being selective about who we work with is how we mitigate that risk. 
If you are our client though, one group we certainly won’t be working with is your competitors ... We’re on your side after all – why boost the competition? 


1. What is it that you actually do? 
Recognise any of these? 
No real pattern to acquiring new business. Haphazard reordering for existing business. Sales not spending enough time with prospects. Marketing lacking clear direction. Sales and Marketing pulling in opposite directions. Still no progress with the CRM. Great-looking website; minimal returns. 
Like we said, we fix things - including problems like these. It's good to talk, so please get in touch, let's talk solutions. 
2. How do you choose your clients? 
We look to work with the SAFEST™ – those that pass successfully through our own fully researched and tested viability filter based on scalability, aspiration, financials, environment, saleability, and timescale. 
3. How long does profit sharing last? 
It depends, but usually around 18 months and never more than 24. 
4. Any other costs in addition to profit sharing? 
Profit sharing covers all time charges for both ourselves and our PSPs; any other costs incurred (eg, for printing) must be settled as they arise. Each new project also commands a nominal set-up fee. 
5. What happens when profit sharing ends? 
Your enhanced profits are all yours! Whether you also choose to retain certain individual service providers is entirely up to you. 
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