Bridging the Opportunity Gap™ 

Partner service providers 

We deliver fully researched opportunities: profit-shared projects that pay you accordingly for the great work you do. 
Do you ever feel pressured to do more for less? Or that your services are increasingly being commoditised? 
As a PSP, you avoid this kind of downward price pressure and enjoy the freedom of being part of a creative A-Team. 

 How is profit share calculated? 

Having calculated the overall profit share pot, creative project teams are effectively treated as a time-based co-operative – one hour, one share. 
Everyone’s time is equal, no hour more important than any other. 

How do I get involved? 

Get in touch! 
Naturally we need a good idea of what you’ve done before. 
But the best way to be successful as a PSP is simply to deliver great work for us in the usual fashion - on time, every time. 


1. How do I pay the mortgage with back-ended charging? 
The same way you do now. If you have cashflow, then being a PSP is a great solution for your spare capacity. Or maybe you just like the idea of being paid what you're really worth ... 
2. Can I be a client and a PSP? 
No. If what you do is an aspect of sales and marketing then by our definition, you’re a PSP. To allow otherwise could effectively see you working on behalf of a competitor. 
3. What happens when profit sharing ends? 
You’re free to negotiate retained work with the client. 
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